Art as a voice

Explore works. Discover new stories. Listen to different talks

Be an ArtVoice

Artists, curators, visitors, students, teachers. Do you have a good story to tell about an artwork? You can be an ArtVoice on this collaborative platform!

ArtMe at the Museum

Museums can upload their artworks and exhibitions for free. The ArtCasts offer tours created by curators for the visitor to experience art in an unprecedented way, in 19 languages – the works of your collection will gain international accessibility. Get in touch with our team and learn more!

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ArtMe for Educators

You can upload works created by your students. With its multiple narratives, ArtMe promotes critical thinking and instigates the gaze. Contact us for more information.

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ArtMe for Curators

Create ArtCasts about artists and their works from your unique perspective. We want to know more about your projects, as your proposals may become editorials on our homepage.

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ArtMe for Artists

Exhibit your work and tell us about it or invite people to create ArtCasts about it. Available in 19 languages, your stories will become internationally accessible.

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Increase access to your gallery's exhibitions and find out more about your customers. ArtMe allows the user to create ArtCasts (texts and audios) on the works on display with translation into 19 languages. Download the app now and start interacting with the public. Contact us to find out more!

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How to be an ArtVoice

ArtMe is a platform that combines an app and a website. The app is for accessing the content and the website is for creating the content.


On ArtMe Web You can register an artist, an artwork or an exhibition venue (museum, gallery, street art). You can also create stories about those subjects.


After logging into ArtMe Web, choose the option on the menu and enter the requested data.


An ArtCast is a text or an audio always about a subject: artist, work or exhibition venue (museum, gallery, street art).


If an ArtCast is a text, it will be translated and transformed into audio in 19 languages ​​by artificial intelligence.

Art as a voice

Explore works. Discover new stories. Listen to different talks